Chillis original Our Story

„Choose a job you love and you won’t have to work a day in your life.”

As a natural-born griller, the chef has stood at the grill with tongs in hand at every family celebration since he was a child. So it was clear early on that this talent should be developed into a career. All that was missing at that time was the right product. As a big fan of sausages and with an affinity for chilies, our founder quickly had the desire for a sausage without the mess. This is how the idea of ​​Chili Bratwurst was born, which is perfectly seasoned and do not require any mustard or ketchup to eat with.

After two years of development, the Chili Bratwurst was tested in a number of rounds of tasting with friends and beer, tastings in various restaurants and at festivals. Receiving consistently positive response (the wimps are not mentioned here ;)), our founder knew that it was time to give up his job and pursue his passion. Starting with his bike and a grill from the metro, the Chili Bratwurst’s story begins.

But not so quickly… The bureaucracy still had some dusty views and was finally convinced with a lot of patience and educational work.

Since 2015, this excellent Chili Bratwurst has been available in various places in Munich. The lunchtime business is enriched by a delicacy and the customers are happier. Enriching the lunch offers by providing a delicacy gourmet to our customers in Munich.

The future also has a lot in store, because the chili bratwurst wants to travel. An expansion is planned. We are looking forward to deliver our delicacy Bratwurst worldwide and let gourmet lovers around the world to have a chance to enjoy our Chili Bratwurst.

Are you interested in selling the Chili Bratwurst and would you like to become a franchise partner? Then I look forward to hearing from you.