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Chillis original Our Story

Ever since our founder was a child, he has stood by the grill with tongs in his hands at every party. He decided to turn his passion which he discovered in his early stage into a career. This is why the unique Chilli Bratwurst has been introduced to the market and been available in various places in Munich since 2015.

Product Nutritional values

The Chili Bratwurst is gently but exclusively prepared with meat from the regional farms in the vicinity of the beautiful city of Lippstadt with a mix of selected chili varieties and fresh herbs. For a high-quality product, the species-appropriate husbandry of the animals, which are fed exclusively with non-genetically modified feed, is particularly important to me.

Chili Bratwurst Franchise

The Chili Bratwurst is going on tour and an expansion is planned. Are you interested in a franchise partnership and would you also like to sell the fiery hot bratwurst? Then I look forward to hearing from you!